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At booking

New renters of Holiday Boatin receive a instructionbook ''With a Doerak on the Rakken''. This instructionbook contains useful and pratical advice to enhance your sailing fun.

At departure

When arriving at our harbor you will be welcomed in our cosy reception area where you can have a cup of coffee or tea. After some formalities you will recieve a boardbook with the technical description of your Doerak, a map of the area and al kinds of toerist information about navigational routes and excursions etc. The possibilties regarding the navigational routes will be explained by our teammember. After that the teammember will guide you to your Doerak. On board the teammember will explain how everything inside the Doeraks works or where you can find for example storage space or power-points. After this instruction you are welcome to bring your luggages/bags on board and make yourself comfortable. When ready a HB instructor comes on board and will give you a sailing instruction including starting the motor, steering, etc. For most (unexperienced) sailers this short instruction is enough to make yourself feel comfortable sailing on a Doerak. If you are not sure that this short instruction on the day of depature will be enough to make you feel comfortable, you're more than welcome to visit one of our instructiondays.

Private instructor

It's possible to hire a private instructor for the first day of your holiday. The private instructor explains everything you want to know about sailing the Doerak. The cost of private instructor are € 90,- for 3 hours or € 180,- for 6 hours. You need to make a reservation for a private instructor.

Unexperienced sailers

If you are an unexperienced sailer and you are flexible about the rental period, then we would advise you to rent a Doerak at spring or autumn. These periods are lovely for a holiday and the nature is great but the waterways are much quieter. This means sailing but also mooring the ship is a lot easier because you will have more space to manouver. July and August are the most busy periods on the dutch waterways with a lot of boats on the water but also a few festivals and sailing matches. We can also advise you about a navagational route that suits your sailing experience.


Sailing instruction days for guests of Holiday Boatin

Every year Holiday Boatin organises a few instruction days for the guests of Holiday Boatin. These instruction days are designed for the unexperienced or less exerienced sailers. These instruction days start at 10:30 am with a 2 hour lecture about sailing, after that we will a serve a lunch. After the lunch a HB-instructor will take you to one of our ships where the practical lesson starts. The practical lesson includes all the basics you need to know to sail a Doerak from starting the motor, leaving the mooring place until coming back at our harbor. (If you are a more experienced sailor, we also offer instructiondays where we will teach you skills like reverse sailing, mooring a ship into a small harbor 
or sailing through small bridges/waterways.) After the practical lesson we return to our harbor where coffee and tea will be served. The day will end about 4:00 PM. The cost of this instructionday is € 37,50 per person including lunch. (Maximum of 4 persons under 12 per booking).

Introduction package

Holiday Boatin also offers the possibility for an introduction package. This package includes:

- hiring a Doerak for a weekend or midweek.
- arriving on Monday or Friday at our harbor
- sleeping on the Doerak in our harbor the first night
- go on a instructionday the second day
- have the 2/3 days to practice by yourself

The price of this introduction package is 65% of the price for a week of the Doerak you'd like to rent. Included is the instructionday for 2 persons and hiring the linen.

Het Holiday Boatin vaarpaspoort: vaarpasspoort250
U krijgt van ons een leuk aandenken aan uw instructiedag en/of uw vaarvakantie. Dat is het HB-vaarpaspoort waarin uw vaarervaring wordt vastgelegd. Brengt u bij een volgende keer uw vaarpaspoort weer mee? Dan kunnen wij uw volgende vaart weer bijschrijven. Komt u voor de eerste keer bij Holiday Boatin, neemt u dan een pasfoto mee van de schipper.



  • Voor beginnende - en ervaren watersporter
  • Ook Instructie / vaar-weekend mogelijk meer lezen


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