Easy sailing on a Doerak

Stability, shallow draught and lowered entrance

The Doerak is a comfortable, spacious and easy going moterboat. Stability, shallow draught, lowered entrence and vertical clearance are the unique key words of a Doerak. Due to this, a Doerak is extremely well suited for the waterways of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe en Overijssel.  Sailing a Doerak isn't hard, just with one single hand you will sail forward and backwards. We call this single-hand-sailing.

Furthermore all our Doeraks are provided with a bow thruster. This extra thruster at the front of the ship, makes that you can manoeuvere more easily (for example by stormy weather) the ship to the mooringplace. Our ships are also provided with a stern thruster to make sailing with the Doerak even more comfortable.

Low vertical clearance
All of our Doeraks have a maxium vertical clearance of 2,50 meter. Some types of Doeraks can easily be lowered to 2,45/2,50 meter by removing the tent. With some of the Doeraks you can also remove the wheelhouse windows to lower the Doerak to a vertical clearance of 1.90 meter. This would give you the opportunity to visit the more quiet and less busy waterways. There are only a few motorboats in Friesland available for rent that have the same level of vertical clearance as the Doerak. We offer a lot of interesting navigational routes for a motorboat with a low vertical clearance.

 No license required

There's no license required for sailing a Doerak. The license is only required for motorboats longer than 15 meters or faster than 20 km per hour. Our longest Doerak is 11,50 meter. Regarding the speed: the Doerak can easily sail the maximum speed on te Frisian waterways (about 6-9 km per hour). Only on the ''Princess Margriet Canal'' you are allowed a maximum speed of 12 km per hour.

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Lage doorvaarthoogte:
  • Al onze Doeraks hebben een doorvaarthoogte maximaal 2.50 mtr.


Bovendien kunt u van de type "Doerak met cabriolettent" de doorvaarthoogte nog verder verlagen.


Bouwt u dan ook nog de tent af en klapt u de stuurhut ramen naar beneden. De doorvaarthoogte is dan nog maar 1.90 mtr.

Relaxed sailing a Doerak boat