Environmentally-conscious sailing

Holiday Boatin is very conscious about the environment. Because of that we decided to take some measures to make sure that our nature is protected.


Waste water tnk

All our Doeraks are equipped with a waste water tank. Pollution of the water at harbors and enclosed waterways has been reduced because of the use of the waste water tank. A lot of marinas have a pump installation to empty the waste water tank. A list of marinas with this pump installation has been added to the boardbook. Holiday Boatin also has a pump installation to empty the waste water tank when you come back to our harbor.

No use of anti-fouling

Anti-fouling is a toxic paint that prevents algae and shells sticking to the ship. Holiday Boatin doesn't use this toxic paint but instead uses a more environment friendly solution.

Water lubrication

The propeller shafts of our ship are lubricated with water instead of lubrication oil. Therefore no oil leaks into the water.

Adjusted engine power
The engine power of our Doeraks has been profesionally adjusted to create effienciency. So no power/energy gets wasted.

Less bridge movements

Because of the low vertical clearance (1,90 - 2,50 m.) of our Doeraks, they can easily pass bridges. This means there are fewer bridge movements necessary and less traffic waiting for bridges to open and close.

Electric sailing

Holiday Boatin started with electric sailing. The Doerak 780.NL is a good example of an electric sailing Doerak. With an electro engine and a silent generator this Doerak is competely environmentally friendly.

With all these measures Holiday Boatin makes sure that everyone can keep enjoying our beautifull waterways and wildlife without harming nature.

Relaxed sailing a Doerak boat