Doerak 950.NL

"South Pasific"


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The Doerak 950.NL with in- en outside steering is designed for two persons and with the possibility to change the sofa into a second double bed. The after saloon is spacious with a lot of storage space and wardrobes. This Doerak is designed with a few adjustments to make this motorboat more accesible. For example: an extra handle at the stairs and a tip-up seat at the shower. Equipped with an 230 V. generator for enough power supply. Sundeck with outside steering.

Sstand bin-buinwboegschroef Hekschroefnw  Generator Huisdieren toegestaan eenpers.bed 2x of Tweepers bed 2x  Douchenw Warmkoud strwaternw Vuil waternw ijskastnw CVnw Radionw KTVnw Walstroomnw


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Relaxed sailing a Doerak boat