Doerak 850.NL



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The Doerak 850.NL is a motorboat suited for two persons. The 850.NL is designed with a few adjustments to make the Doerak more accessible. Lay-out: fore; 2 single beds in the front and a comfortable sofa for two persons. Galley with 2 burner gas cooker, cold and warm water and refrigerator. The open cockpit area is spacious and can easily be closed with a tent.


Stuurstand binnen boegschroef Hekschroefnw Generator Huisdieren toegestaan eenpers.bed 2x ElToiletnw Douchenw Warmkoud strwaternw Vuil waternw ijskastnw CVnw Radionw KTVnw Walstroomnw

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Relaxed sailing a Doerak boat